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How much should I pay for hosting ?

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How much should i pay for hosting?

€50 vs €400

Shared hosting packages are available on the internet for approximately €50 per annum, unfortunately many resellers are selling these for €400 per annum or even more

Shared hosting is specifically designed to provide a simple platform which will work for most common website frameworks, it also means that more than 150 websites can be sharing the same IP address - but why is this important ?

Search engines (Google et al) constantly try to ensure that their search results provide what the user is really looking for in the top search results, they use "signals" to determine quality, so those web pages with the highest quality score rank highly.

If you have taken the time and effort to write properly structured content, which is easy to read, grammatically correct and interesting content that in itself will increase your score, the more high quality websites (those that rank well on search engines) that refer to (link) your web page, again that will signal well on search engines.

However, a slowly responding web page will undo all that good, after all these days who wants to wait around for a slow page to load, search engines like the citizens of the internet has a short attention span, so consistently slow pages equals a poor rank. The Answer?, Pay for hosting optimised for your website, and make sure that your getting what you think you are paying for

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